System Generated Documents

System generated documents are the core of your communications. From account information updates, change in services notifications, invoices, statements and policies to reminders, alerts, collections processes and marketing campaigns, your documents are the workhorse of your customer communications.Whether printed or electronic, each document you send to a customer creates a vital link with them. CEDAR makes it possible for you to manage all critical components of your communications, allowing you to:

  • Create a consistent look and feel for all of your documents and communications — both printed and electronic.
  • Take advantage of Rapid Content™ Manager to produce clean and clear communications that are easy to navigate and elicit the desired responses from your customers.
  • Quickly and easily create personalized and customized communications to a single customer or an unlimited number of customers with the same selected attributes using to power of On-Demand Rapid Letters.
  • Increase enrollment and adoption of electronic communications while simultaneously getting customers to turn off print with our Enrollment Adoption Program.

How does CEDAR do it? By combining the power of our Communications Platform with intuitive, easy-to-use content management tools that allow you to create both system-generated and ad hoc communications.

The example below shows a CEDAR transformed document — an attractive and effective communication that gets read — and gets customers to respond.


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