"Strategic Document Outsourcing enables you to focus on your core products and services while entrusting customer communications to a specialist service provider."

Pete Basiliere
Research Director Gartner

Strategic Document Outsourcing (SDO)

Strategic Document Outsourcing (SDO) focuses on the printing and electronic publication of customer communications, including content creation, multi- and cross-media presentation and incoming document processing. The communications may be transactional, sales collateral, direct marketing pieces or simply informational.

Strategic Document Outsourcing enables you to focus on your core products and services while entrusting customer communications to a specialized service provider such as CEDAR.

CEDAR Strategic Document Outsourcing (SDO) lets you focus on your core products while entrusting mission critical customer communications to a strategic partner.

Engaging CEDAR for Strategic Document Outsourcing allows you to:

  • Cut your fixed and overhead costs
  • Significantly improve your business processes
  • Avoid capital expenditures
  • Ensure compliance with regulations
  • Enhance your customer communications management

Think You Have a Document Output Problem?

white paper on the benefits and obstacles to outsourcing and how to develop an effective relationship with an outsourcer
This paper looks at key document output symptoms and then examines the underlying causes and makes recommendations on how to address the problem holistically.

The results achieved by this approach are company-wide and include improvements in:

    • Customer communications
    • Reduced regulatory compliance risk
    • Enhanced business agility
    • Overall profitability
    • Increased speed to market

CEDAR offers a Comprehensive Customer Communication Platform delivered as a configurable set of services specifically configured to meet our clients’ needs and maximize return on investment. From core document composition, document content management, multi-channel delivery (Email, Print and Mail, website, mobile, text, fax) and response management to document archive capabilities CEDAR delivers the capabilities companies need to bridge the gap between core systems and the ideal customer experience. Our tools put the business in control of document and communication content changes and take the strain off taxed IT resources by providing all necessary support before, during, and after project implementation.

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