Push-Delivered Interactive PDFs

A personalized website delivered to your customer’s email inbox

Making it easy and comfortable for your customers to do business with you electronically makes good business sense. As your customers convert to electronic communications, the high costs associated with print and mail are eliminated, resulting in substantial savings.

However, a Web portal isn’t likely to get you the results you need. Only about 5% of consumers use online portals to access statements. On the other hand, 91% of adults receive email, and most check it regularly.


Delivery of interactive bills via an email attachment is a proven way to increase customer adoption of electronic presentment and payment.

  • Customers are comfortable accessing email and opening attachments.
  • Email bills are delivered to the customer’s email inbox in much the same way printed bills are delivered to the home mailbox. Website bill presentment is more like picking up mail at a post office.
  • The customer only needs to opt in to email bill presentment once. After that, their bill is delivered automatically without requiring further action. There are no user names and passwords to remember. With website bill presentment, the customer must go to the website and sign in each time they want to download or view their bill.
  • A bill sent as a secure email attachment can be opened with a single click and paid easily from within the document. Searching a website for an online bill, navigating through a number of layers on the site and downloading can take several minutes. Payment usually requires another visit to the site and more time and navigation.
  • Bill presentment via a secure email attachment reduces customer concerns about personal data being compromised and encourages higher adoption rates.

CEDAR’s solution lets you deliver attractive, inviting, fully personalized PDFs directly to individual customers’ email inboxes. Secure and interactive, these documents have the look, feel and navigational features of a website.

Send bills, invoices, reminders and alerts safely. Take advantage of robust response capabilities that enable customers to pay bills, respond to special offers and alerts, send you messages, update personal information and more.