Messaging and Event-Driven Communications

Does your current solution drive customers to take action?

  • Does your solution automate individualized time-critical notifications and alerts?
  • Can it deliver a relevant offer at an opportune time and make it easy to fulfill?
  • Does it have the flexibility to deliver electronic messages across multiple media channels?
  • Does your solution make it easy for your customers to respond immediately from within the notice without having to take several actions or visit a website?

CEDAR’s messaging and event driven communications solution takes advantage of two-way interactive electronic communications channels to provide timely alerts, notices and offers.

Reach customers efficiently and effectively with time-critical information and requests for immediate action. CEDAR’s platform-based solution delivers electronic notices and alerts instantly in the way your customer prefers: directly to an email inbox, a phone, a mobile device and even fax. Cross-channel delivery to customers in the medium they specify drives faster response to time-critical alerts, notifications and offers and is significantly less expensive than outbound telephone calls.

With CEDAR’s solution, you can reach your customers when and how they choose, taking advantage of all available communication channels.

CEDAR automated electronic messaging and event driven communications are delivered immediately. Receipt tracking, data capture and report generation all occur without the need for human intervention. This advanced functionality reduces the time, resources and costs associated with event driven and time-critical messages.

Email notifications provide an additional benefit: the customer can take action directly from within the interactive PDF attached to the email without having to open a website or another document. This makes it easy and convenient for customers to take advantage of special marketing offers or pay late bills and leads to reduced DSO and higher response rates than with Web portals or conventional mail.

The CEDAR solution also supports life cycle-based, triggered communications such as personalized messages sent automatically to individuals on a significant date or event. This powerful capability helps you build a stronger relationship with customers through repeated, frequent, personalized communications. The full power of triggered communications is in the ability to build an intimate relationship with customers through constant touch points. The variety of easy and convenient interactions CEDAR supports enhances the customer experience, building long term loyalty and increasing retention.


Personlization and targeted deliverability

  • Immediate, time sensitive delivery
  • Delivery via customer’s chosen medium: email, fax, phone or mobile phone text messages
  • Different delivery channels available to reach customers regardless of their location

Integrated response functionality

  • Email notifications delivered directly to customer inboxes as secure interactive electronic documents
  • Functionality that allows customers to take action from within the notice

Customized notifications and offers based on profile data

  • Integrate response functionality into notifications and offers
  • Consolidate data from multiple disparate sources to personalize event-driven messaging
  • Send notices over multiple mediums for maximum reach across the customer base
  • Automate distribution to customers based on triggers, such as a payment reminders and payment notifications
  • Target select groups of customers based on profile data
  • Customize personalized, targeted electronic notifications to enable true one-to-one marketing