FINALLY Meet Your Communications Goals

Your projects have been sitting with IT for months with no resolve. It’s time to change that. Empower your business users and customer service representatives!

IT’s not the bad guy. They just can’t keep up with your needs. CEDAR can help you (and IT):

  • Get projects out from under the IT avalanche of work, but still within IT compliance
  • Respond to customers quicker
  • Have one platform that integrates all of your legacy systems
  • Respond faster to changing market forces – and regulatory requirements
  • Reduce the costs involved in managing the customer experience across multiple systems

CEDAR offers a Comprehensive Communication Platform delivered as a configurable set of services specifically configured to meet our clients’ needs and maximize return on investment.

From core document composition, document content management, multi-channel delivery (Email, Print and Mail, website, mobile, text, fax) and response management to document archive capabilities CEDAR delivers the capabilities insurance companies need to bridge the gap between core systems and the ideal customer and agent experience.

Our tools put the business in control of document and communication content changes and take the strain-o of taxed IT resources by providing all necessary support before, during, and after project implementation.

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