Health Insurance Solutions

Healthcare payers are dealing with disruption caused by significant and uncertain regulatory reform, emerging technologies, increased competition and pressure to cut expenses and evolving consumerism.


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CEDAR can help your organization:

  • Leverage new digital communication channels to improve the customer experience and increase self-service
    RESULT: Improved retention and service cost avoidance
  • Automate and streamline traditionally paper intensive processes
    RESULT: Reduced operational expenses
  • Tackle emerging compliance and user experience challenges without having to undergo complex and time consuming IT projects or changes to core systems
    RESULT: Reduce cost of maintaining regulatory compliant, avoid significant cost of modernizing systems
  • Improve the efficiency and communication value of printed communications while effectively transitioning your customer’s over to a digital communication experience
    RESULT: Increase enrollment of digital communication mediums, reduced expenses & improve the customer relationship
  • Redesign bills and other communications to meet new requirements dictating that communications be clear and easy to understand
    RESULT: Maintain regulatory compliance, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Empower business owners to quickly and easily change communication content to meet the changing regulatory requirements and evolving expectations of consumers for more personally and situational relevant communications
    RESULT: Improved communication experience leads to avoidance of contact center service cost


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CEDAR impacts the following Health insurance communications:

  • Marketing Kits
  • Welcome Packets and Enrollment Materials
  • Membership Guides and Booklets
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)
  • Benefit Statements
  • Claims Communications and Notifications

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