How to increase your electronic adoption rates

What will it take to get your customers to turn off paper and turn on electronic invoicing and billing?

The answer, in a word, is “push.”

Research has shown that 75% of consumers are open to receiving and paying bills electronically, yet most still get statements via print and mail. The key to transitioning these willing but not yet converted customers is, first and foremost, making it simple and safe to do business with you electronically.

Instead of pulling customers to your website to review and pay bills, push the bills to your customers’ inboxes. The bill arrives as a secure, interactive PDF with functionality that enables electronic payment.

Push is simple, comfortable and safe because:

  • The majority of your customers are already using email regularly
  • Electronic bills are delivered to your customers’ email inboxes, eliminating website sign-in hassles
  • Electronic bills are in PDF format and look the same as the paper versions that your customers are used to receiving
  • Security is built-in with Adobe® standard 128-bit encryption or CEDAR’s proprietary encryption
  • Electronic bills provide a personalized interface for your customer—within a secure, interactive PDF
  • The PDF provides direct links to each function from each page in the PDF
  • Customers can view a bill, pay a bill, request copies of prior bills, contact customer service, update their account information, and more — directly from within the PDF
  • Bills are tailored to each customer, containing information and functionality that pertains specifically to the individual

Email is your customers’ preferred electronic communications medium. Take advantage of it with CEDAR’s platform-based push solution, to reap the benefits of:

  • Higher electronic adoption rates
  • Reduced cost for bill delivery and payment processing
  • Faster bill delivery, faster payments and lower DSO
  • Significant saving on presentment and fulfillment
  • A better, more user-friendly way to communicate with customers and enhance their relationship with you.