Multi-channel Enrollment Solicitation

CEDAR’s experience over the last decade has shown that all customer communication channels need to play a role in migrating clients and recipients from paper-based processes to electronic alternatives. These channels include portal messaging, email solicitations and direct mail campaigns. CEDAR can play an active role in the creative development required to support these different channels and ensure that content, consistency, and effectiveness are managed appropriately. CEDAR recommends that the client involve some of its key customers to ensure that the intent and the features of the electronic process are communicated clearly.

Portal Messaging

CEDAR can create targeted messages for use inside the client’s existing Web portal to promote the electronic document program to portal users. These messages can vary based on client-defined business rules and data collected to support enrollment.


Direct Mail

CEDAR can develop direct mail marketing campaigns targeted to specific groups likely to enroll in electronic document programs, as directed by the client. These solicitations typically include instructions on enrolling in the electronic document program.


Email Solicitation

Email is an effective way to solicit recipient enrollment. Campaigns typically consist of both awareness and enrollment emails. confirmation emails.

Awareness emails are used to promote features and benefits of an upcoming electronic document initiative prior to implementation.


Enrollment emails promote features and benefits of an implemented electronic document program and provide the opportunity to enroll via a direct link to the client’s enrollment site.