Enrollment Workshop

The enrollment workshop is a CEDAR-led meeting of project stakeholders designed to create the enrollment strategy. The output of the workshop is an Enrollment Design Guide with task assignments for various CEDAR and client team members, ensuring enrollment targets are met. Activities of the Enrollment Workshop include:

  • Review of project success criteria as defined by the executive sponsor
  • Review of CEDAR document samples and/or portal functionality
  • Review of enrollment site use and functionality
  • Clarification of the roles of enrollment team players
  • Prioritization of scope, schedule and resources using decision-making models
  • Planning of awareness campaign & prelaunch marketing materials
  • Identification of high-value/high-volume recipients
  • Development of a project plan detailing enrollment goals, dates and tracking tools
  • Explanation of email address acquisition methods
  • Examination of methods of recipient consent
  • Design of promotions and incentives (sweepstakes, giveaways, etc)

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