Enrollment Site

CEDAR’s enrollment site is a Web interface designed to facilitate recipient enrollment in electronic documents by client representatives or directly by recipients. The interface collects the data necessary to enroll recipients in the program and report this activity to the client. Where feasible, CEDAR can upload this enrollment data directly to the client’s host systems. Site design can be customized based on the client’s style guide ( logos, colors, headers) or CEDAR can provide creative design consultation.

CEDAR can also link the enrollment site to the client’s existing internal and external interfaces providing seamless, single sign-on access from the client system. To maximize electronic enrollment, CEDAR can query the client system real-time or CEDAR’s core system to inform the CSR of whether a recipient has enrolled in electronic delivery. If a recipient is not enrolled in electronic delivery, the CSR can take immediate action to enroll them.

Enrollment Confirmation

CEDAR’s Enrollment program provides an optional “closed-loop” confirmation process. Once your customer is enrolled, CEDAR sends a confirmation email that provides your customer with additional information about the program.

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