Email Address Collection

Clearly, valid email addresses are a critical component of an enrollment adoption campaign. Email addresses can be obtained from various sources. For example:

  • The client can provide existing email addresses from its current records.
  • CEDAR can work with the client to develop ongoing email address collection strategies utilizing the client’s customer-facing employees.
  • CEDAR can assist the client in obtaining email addresses through third-party services through email append services.

Data receipt and cleansing

The email append process begins with a list of customer names and postal addresses. CEDAR will remove duplicate records and correct addresses using United States Postal Service® Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS™) and National Change of Address (NCOA™) tools.

Customer matching

The cleansed customer file is matched against a database of consumer records to obtain the corresponding email addresses. Match rates vary from 10% to 20% of all records that are submitted.

Data updated with e-mail addresses appended

The client’s customer list is updated by appending deliverable email address matches to produce a final file containing deliverable addresses only.

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