New print delivery assurance implemented for P&C insurance client

April, 2016 Atlanta, GA. CEDAR Document Technologies (CEDAR), a provider of managed services communications and payment solutions, has completed the rollout of an increased level of control, visibility and print delivery assurance for one of its property and casualty insurance clients.

The purpose of the initiative, which launched April 24, was to further increase the automation and tracking at the print-job and mail-piece level for the client.

“We are continually working with our clients to implement new levels of reconciliation, control and visibility. As the regulatory and compliance requirements on our clients increase, it’s vital we partner with them to provide the necessary tools to assure those requirements are met in the most efficient way possible.”

Walker Hubbs, SVP of Professional Services
CEDAR Document Technologies

To help meet those requirements, CEDAR implemented an end-to-end online job tracking interface and piece-level tracking via Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) Trace for Notices of Cancellation. In the online job tracking interface, all data files sent from the client to CEDAR are assigned a job number and tracked through each phase of processing and into the mail stream. Client users are able to view the job’s status and counts for quick and easy reconciliation.

For Notices of Cancellation, CEDAR places IMB on each document during composition. The United States Postal Service then scans the notices during various stops in the mail system until the final destination is reached.

Each document’s status and the date, time and location of scans are available for review by the client support team through the new Print Piece Level Tracking interface.

Adding these enhancements provides near real-time visibility to the client for all of its documents and augments the existing tracking capabilities in place for email notifications.

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