CEDAR executives attend AFSA Vehicle Finance Conference

Atlanta, GA. – Executives from CEDAR Document Technologies (CEDAR), a leading provider of hosted/managed direct-to-consumer (D2C) communication, servicing and payment solutions, attended the 22nd annual AFSA Vehicle Finance Conference & Exposition on March 20-22 at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

President Pete Kenning and Senior Vice President, Richard Bishop, were present at the event.

The American Financial Services Association (AFSA) is the national trade association for the consumer credit industry. AFSA represents dealers and others involved in indirect auto financing. Under the leadership of the AFSA Vehicle Finance Division, the event is one of the vehicle financing industry’s leading conferences.

(Dan Ammann, president of General Motors, right, gives the keynote presentation at the AFSA Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo in Las Vegas)

“As a longtime AFSA participant, CEDAR considers this event a valuable opportunity to work with industry leaders to define and deliver on the promise of Digital Loan Servicing. With a comprehensive digital experience platform approach, CEDAR’s service offering increases servicing options while reducing risk and service friction for both lenders and borrowers.”

David Craig

Vice President of Business Development
CEDAR Document Technologies

Event topics included a 2018 vehicle market overview, a consumer market overview, a session on gamification, the future of retail, risk management and alternate data, how to use social media effectively, cybersecurity and fraud, cultural transformation, a CEO panel of top industry issues and the future of mobility.

See the full panel schedule here: http://vehicle.afsaonline.org/Program/Conference-Schedule

About CEDAR Document Technologies (CEDAR)
CEDAR Document Technologies is a leading provider of hosted/managed direct-to-consumer (D2C) servicing and payment solutions. CEDAR’s D2C services include a suite of digital and print payment and digital self-servicing options for account management, payment, payment wallet, profile and preferences. Most importantly, the CEDAR D2C platform provides a single source for all consumer activity for customers, marketing and support. www.cedardoc.com

About AFSA
Founded in 1916, the American Financial Services Association (AFSA), based in Washington, D.C., is the primary trade association for the consumer credit industry, protecting access to credit and consumer choice. Its hundreds of member companies include consumer and commercial finance companies, vehicle finance/leasing companies, mortgage lenders, payment card issuers, retail sales finance companies and industry suppliers. www.afsaonline.org

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