CEDAR’s upgraded Rapid Campaigns 2016 now available

August 10, 2016 Atlanta, GA. — CEDAR Document Technologies (CEDAR), a provider of managed services communications and payment solutions, today announced that its upgraded Rapid Campaigns 2016 product is available for client implementations.

Rapid Campaigns enables the online creation and execution of one-to-many email, text, and print campaigns. Campaign communications can be personalized to each recipient and targeted to a particular audience based on client-specified customer demographics. All campaign communications and content components are archived within a consolidated and secure online library for easy access in future servicing and auditing requests.

CEDAR’s Rapid Campaigns 2016, like its previous version, provides Customer Service and/or Marketing Representatives an easy-to-use back office solution for communicating quickly to existing customers or prospective new customers. The solution has found significant adoption for servicing a variety of ad-hoc mass communication needs from targeted and multi-phased marketing campaigns to regulatory notifications such as fraud alerts, declination notices, and privacy policy updates.

Rapid Campaigns is tightly integrated with CEDAR’s content management platform, Rapid Content™, allowing clients to leverage the same content components and rules used in other core-triggered or ad-hoc communications. This allows the sharing of elements such as affinity branding, messaging, and legal disclaimers can be easily applied to campaigns consistent with other communications.

Rapid Campaigns 2016 offers the same features as the original version, Rapid Campaigns Classic, but adds significant product upgrades. Improvements include a step-by-step user interface to guide you through the campaign creation process, a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for easy editing of the communication, a proofing module for viewing fully composed output prior to delivery, a list validation feature to ensure all delivery records are correctly formatted, expanded support for the insertion of tables and columns into campaign communications, and an integrated activity dashboard. These features make the latest version of Rapid Campaigns simpler and more flexible than ever before.

Implementing Rapid Campaigns 2016 provides clients numerous benefits in enhancing the overall servicing experience for its customers or marketing to those customers in more personal and relevant ways. Clients can increase their speed to market with communications through a robust offering that enables their business users to manage the entire campaign lifecycle from creation to proofing and then scheduling all without IT resources, costs, and delays.

“We think there is a tremendous value in providing our clients an easy-to-use solution for delivering personalized one-to-many omnichannel communications that are also stored within a consolidated and compliant archive with all other customer communications. This new version of Rapid Campaigns represents our continued dedication to providing flexible communication options for our clients within their increasingly regulated world.”

Walker Hubbs
SVP of Professional Services
CEDAR Document Technologies

About CEDAR Document Technologies (CEDAR)

CEDAR Document Technologies is a leading provider of hosted/managed Digital Customer Communications Management (Digital CCM) solutions. CEDAR’s Digital CCM services include batch and real-time data APIs, comprehensive content management, multichannel composition, delivery, archival and reporting services. The CEDAR Digital CCM platform provides a single source for all communication activity for customers, marketing, support, audit, and compliance. www.cedardoc.com



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