CEDAR migrates to Oracle 12c R2 database

Atlanta, GA. CEDAR Document Technologies (CEDAR), a leading provider of hosted Customer Communications Management (CCM) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) servicing and payment solutions, announced today that it has migrated to Oracle database 12c, R2.

“The Oracle enterprise database is the standard for all CEDAR applications, and 12c provides revolutionary new capabilities that will speed our development while lowering our costs,” said Eric Bray, Chief Information Officer for CEDAR Document Technologies

Migrating the company’s databases to Oracle 12c provides significant performance improvements as well as additional security features. To facilitate the migration, CEDAR leveraged Oracle’s GoldenGate 12c product. GoldenGate enables the continuous real-time capture, routing, transformation and delivery of transactional data across varied environments, according to Oracle. Another aspect of the migration included moving from a SPARC/Solaris architecture to an x86/Linux architecture. “This gives us the foundation to exploit our investment in Continuous Delivery and Integration (CD/CI) technology and public cloud infrastructure to double our development throughput at half the cost,” Bray said.

The migration was a significant undertaking with a planning phase in excess of six months, an execution and testing phase consuming an additional two months and a production migration phase lasting another month. The migration was completed without a single operational issue for CEDAR production clients.

The migration, Bray says, shows a continued commitment by CEDAR to investing in modern technology to ensure a high level of security, performance and availability for its clients.

About CEDAR Document Technologies (CEDAR)
CEDAR Document Technologies is a leading provider of hosted Customer Communication Management (CCM) and direct-to-consumer (D2C) servicing and payment solutions. CEDAR’s services include: real time and bulk data integration; comprehensive thin client content management tools; integrated delivery preference, composition and delivery services; centralized document and data archival; ACH and card payment services; and extensive API, reporting and dashboard services. Most importantly, the CEDAR CCM and D2C platforms provide a single source for all consumer activity for customers, marketing and support. www.cedardoc.com

Questions about CEDAR Document Technologies? Give us a call at (770) 395-5060 or email us at sales@cedardoc.com

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