Empower Business Owner Control

Successful organizations must be agile, and agility starts with the business users on your front lines: the customer service representatives (CSRs). When CSRs have a customer on the phone, they need the ability to instantly make changes to customer communications and correspondence and respond right away.

CEDAR’s Rapid Letters helps empower your business users by enabling them to:

  • View all customer correspondence (actually see what the customer received)
  • Respond quickly to issues using our template-driven, letter generation tool
  • Manage templates without requiring involvement from the IT department

electronic invoice presentment and payment (eipp) on ipad and laptop


See how CEDAR implemented its Rapid Letters and Rapid Content™ tool for a leading online bank that needed to rebrand all of its documents, statements and letters
within 6 months.

The challenges our client faced included:

    • Limited ability for rapid change with current core systems
    • No consistency to letter templates because they were managed in MS Word
    • Printed documents did not comply with new brand’s requirements for user friendly online experience
    • No electronic delivery capabilities


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