CEDAR Print and Mail Optimization

Print and mail services are expensive, and the cost of document-based communication is continually increasing. This places a significant burden on companies with extensive document-based communications requirements. CEDAR’s Communications Platform can ensure they’re not wasting their money.

The CEDAR platform handles the behind-the-scenes technology from source data through delivery (mail or electronic) to ensure effective communications over any delivery channel — with one point of contact for the entire process.

CEDAR’s integrated solution optimizes all phases of the process from document composition and print manufacturing, to postal optimization and delivery. Our relationships with best-in-class print partners ensure quality, on-time results every time.

While your print vendor may offer you the best possible technology for manufacturing your printed documents, it is never in their best interest to reduce your printing volumes. And often, they don’t employ best practices for optimizing what you print and mail.

CEDAR only uses best in class printer partners who ensure both quality and on-time results. We will help you reduce print volumes and optimize the process from source through document composition, manufacturing, printing and postal delivery — all while improving the effectiveness of your customer communications, print or electronic.

The secret to our robust managed print and mail services is the platform-based technology behind it.


Source Data Flexibility
  • Unformatted binary, text
  • Formatted print data (TXT, DJDE, AFP, Metacode, PDF)
  • XML
  • Single or multiple sources with CEDAR aggregation

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