CEDAR Labs is the nexus of the company’s research, product development and quality assurance. This group watches industry trends, studies the forces that are shaping future customer requirements and evaluates emerging tools that can best help us meet future needs.Within CEDAR Labs we continually test and evaluate how well our solutions and products meet specified requirements, analyze the gaps and update our product road maps to ensure that we are on target to bring the best new capabilities to market.

Our primary areas of focus are:

  • User Experience and Usability — From better navigation to stronger visuals that increase customer responses, we continually examine ways to increase the effectiveness of each communication and each communications channel. We work with our clients to better understand how their customers behave and interact with their sales and support processes, and how each communication plays a role in that relationship.
  • Security and Usability — Regulatory compliance in customer communications and information security are paramount issues for our clients — and for CEDAR. We invest in the process, certifications and continuous training essential to maintaining the highest levels of security, without sacrificing the ease of use that consumers demand.
  • Delivery Channels — New ways of communicating are always emerging, and each advance brings a barrage of technical issues. We continually expand our services development to enable seamless communications over new channels such as Smart Phones, iPADs, SMS and mobile browsers.
  • Industry Developments — Someone has to keep an eye on left field, and we do. It’s hard to predict the direction the next innovation and technical advancements will come from – or how they will impact the systems and processes we use today. We are always on the lookout for those industry developments that will impact our clients and our services.
At CEDAR, continual improvement and innovation aren’t just words thrown around by marketing.They are wired into the company’s DNA.