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CEDAR offers a Comprehensive Customer Communication Platform delivered as a configurable set of services specifically configured to meet our clients’ needs and maximize return on investment. From core document composition, document content management, multi-channel delivery (Email, Print and Mail, Website, Mobile, Text, Fax) and response management to document archive capabilities, CEDAR delivers the capabilities companies need to bridge the gap between core systems and the ideal customer experience. Our tools put the business in control of document and communication content changes and take the strain off taxed IT resources by providing all necessary support before, during, and after project implementation.

Our offerings include:

Rapid Customer Communications Management

CEDAR’s Customer Communications Management services can unlock the data in your core systems without costly IT projects and enable you to deliver effective, personalized and actionable communications to your customers via any channel — including print. CEDAR’s Content Management capabilities empower line of business stakeholders to manage content changes and corresponding rules. Marketing, Compliance, Legal and other business units can drive their respective content in all customer communications. Read more about CEDAR’s Rapid CCM platform

Strategic Document Outsourcing (SDO)

Clients that implement our Rapid CCM solution can take advantage of our Strategic Document Outsourcing offering. Read more about CEDAR’s SDO platform

Electronic Invoice Presentment & Payment (EIPP)

EIPP is the bridge between your Accounts Receivable and your customer’s Accounts Payable. It offers organizations a simplified accounts payable process that can grow as needs change. It offers maximum flexibility and choice, allowing you to select the level of payment automation that is right for your organization, from payment to processing to financing. CEDAR’s business-to-business (B2B) EIPP solution lets you present your customers with an easy-to-use invoicing portal site where they can receive, view and pay their invoices. Read more about CEDAR’s EIPP platform

Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP)

EBPP provides an end-to-end electronic transaction. It can improve customer service dramatically and build customer loyalty, while providing cost savings and revenue enhancement opportunities. The benefits are compelling and can be a value to your business and customers. CEDAR’s business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic bill presentment & payment solution lets you provide your customers with an easy-to-use portal site where they can receive, view and pay their bills. Read more about CEDAR’s EBPP platform

CCM Hosted Managed Services

Madison Advisors Hosted Managed Services
Customer Communications Management (CCM) is rapidly evolving as enterprises continue to expand their communications infrastructure to address a variety of needs, both internal and customer, while leveraging new technology capabilities. The challenge, however, is that these communications infrastructures are continuing to grow instead of evolve, creating overly complex environments which include unsupported solutions, homegrown systems, and software that is far behind the current version.

    • A handful of providers have introduced a new model to address enterprise communication requirements and relieve the burden on IT
    • This model is CCM Hosted Managed Services.

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      This white paper looks at the key benefits of IT outsourcing, and provides a roadmap for developing an effective and mutually beneficial relationship with an outsourced provider. It also examines common corporate philosophies and culture that are no longer compatible with current technology and the delivery challenges of businesses today.

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