Insurance Post: Social Media & Insurers

MassMutual made news recently with the launch its "Why Life Insurance" campaign on Facebook. While this is not the first use of social media to influence insurance purchases, most insurers have limited the use of social media to improve their customer contact strategy and to help prevent insurance fraud.

What makes MassMutual's campaign so compelling is that it is hosted solely on a social media platform. This means that in addition to taking on sensitive issues that often surround a discussion about whether to purchase life or other insurance products, the campaign will have to respect the norms of the social network. MassMutual is going to talk insurance without actually sounding like an insurer.

Companies that effectively engage in social media do several things well. First, they listen and learn a great deal about what customers think and feel about their company and their products. Secondly, they learn the language and social norms of the network. After listening long enough to learn the language of the network, companies are ready to jump into the conversation and provide relevant content in a voice that is consistent with both the audience and the channel. And finally companies are constantly responding to and applying feedback from customers to make the communication experience better and more relevant and to protect their brand.

Social Media best practices should drive the way insurance companies communicate across all communication channels and should be part of an integrated customer communications approach. Finding ways to complement what you are required to communicate in sales and service communications with content that is in the language of the customer should be a goal of every communication. An understanding of social media norms can take your communications strategy to a new level.

Are you making the most of every communication experience? Are you able to respond to customer feedback and improve all communications? If not, it's time to develop a complete customer communications strategy!

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